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Rocket German Premium Course

Rocket German is well known by serious language learners as one of the finest German courses at any price point, and can help you learn German as quickly, easily and with as much fun as possible. Whether you are traveling to Europe on holiday, seeking to add to your resume, want to understand Rammstein lyrics or just love learning different things, Rocket German is right for you.

Why are we so sure? Because like any Rocket Language course, the Rocket German course has a 60 day Money Back Guarantee on it. If for any reason you don't feel that Rocket German is excellent value, then return it for a full and prompt refund.

Ok, so Rocket German sounds pretty good, right? Well, it gets a whole lot better when you order it through our site...

FREE Bonus #1: Dictionary Program

This dictionary program is a strong complement to the Rocket German program, it has a ridiculous amount of phrases and words for you to learn and use. Fully customizable and super handy, you won't know what you did without it.

FREE Bonus #2: Digital Flash Cards

This program has 6 different parts to it, including a crosswords exercise that's great fun. Very customizable and suitable for both beginners and advanced German speakers.

FREE Bonus #3: Memory Improving E-Book

Don't spend valuable time going over the same material again and again. With this E-Book, you will learn the material once, remember it and recall it forever, eliminating a lot of wasted effort. Great resource for German learners.

FREE Bonus #4: Learn German in 6 Days E-Book

Learning German can take some time, so you really want to make the most of it. This E-Book will make German vocabulary stick to your brain like a magnet, which is definitely handy for any serious language learner.

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