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Rocket Japanese Premium Course

The Rocket Japanese course is perfect for just about any learning style, budget and time frame: whether you are going to Japan for an oriental holiday or for exciting job opportunities, whether you want to delve into the japanese culture or you want to learn simply for the noble pursuit of knowledge, then Rocket Japanese is for you.

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FREE Bonus #1: Dictionary Program

This is pretty much the definitive Japanese dictionary, containing a massive database of words, phrases and greetings. This makes the Rocket Japanese course so much more POWERFUL it's amazing, and is worth the price of admission in itself. If you've been learning Japanese beforehand and you get your hands on this baby, you won't know what hit you.

FREE Bonus #2: How to Learn Japanese

A great read for anybody undertaking the journey of learning Japanese, contains lots of info on Kanji, grammar and other essentials.

FREE Bonus #3: Memory Improving E-Book

Japanese is hard. Make it less hard by remembering everything you've already learned with this E-Book on memory. Essential for all Japanese learners.

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